Back To Basics

Back To Basics

With the new decade ushered in a few weeks ago, we look back on a decade of wellness fads and trends that have come and gone.  What will this new decade bring to restore our wellness that will truly stick and not be tossed out like yesterday’s bathwater?  First, we must start by getting back to basics. The 3 letter acronym that is so essential that is never outdated. It is the basic elements of H20, water.  Its property is very basic yet, it is the building block to so many things in our body and the natural world we live in. Water’s ability to transform from a liquid to gas, to solid,  is remarkable. It’s maneuverability through corner and crevices in streams, rivers, and man-made pipes are undoubtedly an advantage to our irrigation system. Without this H2O, you can say life is not alive and living.  Basic water is enough for us to thrive but as in a consumer world, water has been upgraded and become a sort of “Super Food” Liquid. With the introduction of Mountain Spring Water, Glacier Water, Coconut Water, Smart Water, Ionized Water, Hydrogen Infused Water and Alkaline Water.  The basic H2O has been treated with a bit of Extra goodness that is suppose to be better for your health, your community, and the environment. Mindful hydration is this decade’s key to restoring health and wellness in our bodies, our environment and in our Spirit and Soul.

Mindful hydration is being aware of the living water that flows through this simple liquid, be intentional about hydrating your body with more than 8 ounces of water each day and keeping your mind clear, focused.  Emerge in a relaxed state by taking water breaks to replenish your body and mind with the much-needed hydration and minerals to inspire and jump-start productivity while reducing the number of carbon footprints.

Inspired to start your mindful hydration routine?  Here are a few water bottles that are a clear choice, merging modern style with basic practicality.

Start a 30 Day water challenge, see the results of what increasing your water intake can do to your body and mind.  Designate a water bottle for the challenge, post your before and after results. #30dayswaterchallenge.