Summer Cool Down

Summer Cool Down

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Its about 95 degrees outside and while our California weather has been sunny and nice, the past week feels like a sauna whether you are indoors or outdoors.  Out here in the West Coast we love our iced lattes, smoothies and shakes but those darn copper mugs have been sneaking their way into our region, filled to the brim with a chilled beverage.   Yes, I am talking about the Moscow Mule, what you may say?  Is that a drink or a type of Russian animal?  To our taste buds delight it is not an animal but rather a mix of Vodka and Ginger Beer chilled and refreshingly poured into a Copper Mug and that is what is called a “Moscow Mule”.  This cocktail is delicious and a trending way to cool down your Summer.  Drinking this cocktail out of a regular cup will not do it justice.  It can only be savored with a copper cup that enhances the liquor and keeps the cocktail cold.   Next time you are planning your get together with friends, bring out the “good drinkware” and pour them a Moscow Mule.

Mixology 101- Making a great Moscow Mule using our Moscow Mule Copper Mug

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