Keys to Planning a Wedding on a Budget

They say money is the root of all evil, so when it comes to planning a budget wedding, don’t let it get the best of you. Determine the most important aspects of your wedding day and budget them first. Once that’s out of the way, decide what you are willing to trim.

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If the meal is number one, then focus your efforts on presenting a great and memorable dinner instead of wowing everyone in the ballroom of a five star hotel. If dancing the night away is a must, then make sure the DJ or band is precedence. Don’t stretch yourself thin by trying to have a little bit of everything. Priorities are the key to a budget wedding.

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Even then, making cuts isn’t always the most desirable option, and you don’t have to cut anything. The budget bride can enlist the help of her nearest and dearest. Instead of giving you material gifts off the registry that will soon be forgotten, your friends and family can use their skills to contribute to your wedding day in a most meaningful way.

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Ask your artistic aunt to arrange flowers for you instead of hiring an outrageously priced florist. Your grandma always made a mean cherry cobbler, so share that with your guests for dessert instead of the typical cake. Solicit your brother, who always aced woodshop, to help with centerpieces. Your friend who enjoys spare time on Photoshop might be happy to design invites and programs. Plenty of women you know have married before you, so ask about buying and tailoring their dresses. Your little sis in beauty school would probably love the opportunity to do your hair and makeup.

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And in the end, don’t forget why you’re having a wedding. Because you’re getting married, and that is what the day is truly about. Don’t let your happily ever after become getting out of debt, never.