Cruise Ship Weddings

So you’re ready to set sail on your dream wedding. You’ve got the guy, the guest list and you’ve already booked the ship. But you don’t want your day to be like the hundreds of other weddings that are performed at sea. You want your day to be unique, a day that even the cruise ship staff will talk about for years to come. If you really want to make a splash with your cruise ship wedding, try following some of these great ideas:

Photo from Cruise Critic

Set your stage long before your guests set foot on the ship. Send them a nautical save the date card or one of Mother Nature’s mementos in the form of a sand dollar imprinted on your letter of intent. Follow that up with an incredibly unique message in a bottle invitation, complete with a map to your destination wedding.

Create your own centerpieces made of all natural treasures that you can find at your port of call. Find your own collections of shells and driftwood and decorate them with iridescent paint or sprinkle them with colorful glitter. If the cruise line is supplying the centerpieces for you, enhance them with magical elements of the ocean. Find some miniature seahorses and sea grass and create your own accent to add to each centerpiece. Add your own choice of beach wedding favors to each table to let your guests really feel the magic of the moment.

Rather than just having your guests arrive for the ceremony, let them make a day of it. Offer the ship’s amenities to your guests for the entire day, allowing them to soak in the sun and relax before the main event. In place of a stuffy rehearsal dinner, plan a meet and greet brunch so that your family and friends can get to know each other. Work with the staff to coordinate activities for the younger set too.

Offer special suites to your wedding party and their families. For those who have helped you the most with your wedding, you might want to consider giving them a night or two on the house. Let them take some time to wind down after the dust has settled and the last glass has been raised. That is an excellent way to thank them for all they have done for you.

Most cruise ship weddings play the steel drums and add reggae flair to the event. However, you can pick your own selection of music, or create a fun and festive pirate themed party. Set treasure boxes of gold candy coins on each table and place parrots and tropical birds on every centerpiece. Create a lasting memory by rolling up a hidden treasure map with your name and date on it, and leave one at each place setting. Get really creative and ask the band to play some raucous pirate music and wear eye patches! Let the good times roll as you and your mates kick up your boots to a memorable cruise ship wedding.

Fresh fruits, grilled fish and sushi are all wonderful menu items to bring out the full flavor of the day. Get involved in the planning of your menu and bring some of your own favorite recipes to the table. If you prefer key lime pie over chocolate mousse, make sure the kitchen staff is aware of that and provides you exactly what you want.